Boys Night In : Game Night


I know that the game season sort of ended in January but Huntin’ Shootin’ Dave had stashed enough in his freezer to see us through what was an outstanding display of local game produce. Not only is Daves name exotic but seems the contents of his freezer are too. Roe deer, Pheasant and Duck were placed before us to conjure a menu. We were a bit slim on numbers but by the end of the meal noone could accuse us of further slimness!

Brian and Dick gave us an ole one two for our appetisers, some tangy duckmeat sausage rolls downed with a snifter of bullshot. Those citrusy gamey pastry parcels were enough to get the tastebuds a tingling with the meaty vodka shot cutting through the richness and setting us up as we propped up the bar with tales of old Cotswold life. Im sure some would have stayed there all night but we had other delicacies on their way.

Now Derek seemed to wish to tell everyone that the light delicate beefy consomme that gave heart to the vodka bullshot was some sort of gravy! I ll try it over his Sunday lunch and see what he says about it.

The local pheasant were next to grace our plates, quiet for once, the breasts glazed with redcurrant sauce and lightly grilled and served with a mushrooms and chestnuts in one of those new fangled warm salads. The salty crispness of well done streaky bacon gave the right level of contrast to those earthy tones.

To get the main course going we witnessed Ade’s butchery skills, carefully carving the loin of our Roe Deer from its protective ribcage. I’m sure he was tempted to eat those soft medallions as they were cut but instead I flashed them in a buttery pan for just seconds and served them with the Wine and port sauce that had been bubbling in the kitchen all the previous evening. Ade then turned his muscularity to creaming both spuds and cabbage and added them to the vegetable creations Ivan had created of Leek and Pasta Gratinee and Sweet Potato with chorizo.

Now I feel a word or two needs to be spent on this Sweet potato dish. I know its not a vegetable that graces our tables that often but its not so rare that we don’t know what quantities to use? I mean the clue is in the name- it’s a potato! So maybe next time if we just use one, can we make it a Big one? Please?

For once I think we actually had space in our gullets for dessert and Derek gave us the conundrum of a chocolate and raspberry biscuit cake. It was tasty as such a classic combination deserves but we never did figure out if it was a cake or a biscuit.

The wines we chose were Italian. Ok I chose them cos I like Italian! A fruity Barbera got us going and then we beefed it up with a Campofiorin from Veneto's Masi family.

Now that one is over I’m always asked whats the next one going to be? Give me your ideas! But one thing is for sure- Derek isn’t making the gravy!

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